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Right now we are...

...working Zombie Showdown which will be one of the best 2D shooter game's on mobile!

Who are the Introverts?

We are as close-knit as a studio can get; a young couple doing what we love – making games! After three years living together at university, creating lots of little games in our spare time, it became part of who we are, and so Introvert Studios was born. Located in the tiny town of Weston-Super-Mare, we build our games in a huge, high-tech studio in a spare bedroom and it's really awesome!

James Wrightson


The developer and designer behind our games. He uses C#, Java, C++ and AS3 to make our games blazingly fast and efficient! Website:

Claire Knight


The introvert super-artist responsible for all of the graphics, animation, web design, promotional material, sound and more! Website:

Cross-platform game development:

  • IOS
  • Android
  • HTML 5
  • Air
  • LibGDX